Competition Regulations

Participants / Group of participants

  • Students at Colleges and Universities in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding regions;
  • Alumni of HCMUT or other universities within the Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam National University (graduated from 2 years back);
  • Graduate students of HCMUT and other bodies of the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding regions;
  • Students from High schools in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding regions.
  • Students of OISP are encouraged to participate.
  • Each team must have 03 to 05 members.
  • Each student cannot participate in more than 2 projects.
  • The The leader of each competing team will represent their team to work with the Organizers;
  • During the competition, any change of members or leaders must be announced to and accepted by the Organizers.


  • Your topic/project need to be new, innovative, and solving practical problems in society towards sustainable development.
  • Topics/Projects provide technical solutions at the request of Enterprises.
  • Topics/projects that apply knowledge gained in majors such as Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Natural Resources, Transportation Engineering, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Industrial Management, Materials Engineering, Applied Science, Industrial Maintenance… are encouraged.
  • Original ideas are encouraged.
  • The topics must not violate intellectual property laws.
  • The topics which had taken third prizes upward in other similar competitions are not eligible.

Regulations on entries

● Format and form of presentation: Entries must be presented in English on A4 papers, font size 13, in Times New Roman.

● Attached deliverables – Project descriptions in Powerpoint.

   – Video presentation under 03 minutes in length.

   – Sample products with photos or video clips (if any).



● Announce contest regulations to all registered students;

● Select up to 100 best projects to Round 1;

● The deadline for the Organizers to receive documents and project proposals from the teams is until the end of April 8th, 2022.


● After receiving up to 100 documents and project proposals after the preliminary round, on April 23rd, the Organizers will host Round 1 for the Board of Judges to select the best 50 projects into Round 2.

● For round 1 criteria, see here.


  • After selecting 50 documents and projects after Round 1, on June 4th, 2022, the Organizers will host Round 2 for the Board of Judges to select the best 20 projects into the Final Round
  • For Round 2 criteria, see here.
  • Proposals for the High school group ends after June 18th, 2022.


  • Expected date: July 23rd, 2022.
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.
  • The finalist Teams will present products, ideas, and entrepreneur ideas at booths categorized and situated by the Organizers.
  • Finalists must follow these phases:

Phase one: The board of judges will mark and evaluate directly on the projects at their display booths and select the top 5 best teams.

Phase two: 5 best projects from the University group and 3 best projects from the High School groups voted by the jduges will enter Phase 2 – Presentation.

Format: Teams have 03 to 05 minutes to present about their project. The Board of Judges, guests, and other teams will have 10 minutes to raise questions. The Board of Judges will assess the performance based on the following criteria.