Competition Regulations

I. Contestants and Competition Table: 

Choosing one of three competition tables:

  • Start-up Table: domestic and international start-up groups;
  • Student Table: undergraduate students, Alumni (no more than 02 years of graduation at the time of registration), graduate students of domestic and international universities;
  • High-school Table: students from domestic and international high schools.

II. Regulations:

1. Competition Team: 

  • Register to participate in teams of 02 to 06 members; 
  • Each member cannot participate in more than 2 projects;
  • The team leader is the official representative working with the Organizers;
  • Any changes regarding team members/team leader during the competition need to be notified and approved by the OC.

2. Topics/Projects 

Topics/Projects registered for competition must meet the following content criteria:

  • The competition spans across diverse fields based on the foundation of science and technology, including but not limited to digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, environmental engineering, chemistry, and electronics. Projects participating in the competition need to demonstrate innovation and creativity, meaning they should involve the development of new products (goods or services), processes with novel characteristics or significant improvements, and have potential applications in practical commercial contexts.
  • The project content must demonstrate innovation and creativity in product, process, or marketing method (as defined by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – OECD);
  • The content does not violate current Intellectual Property laws;
  • Projects that have won third place or higher in similar or higher-level competitions are not eligible to participate;
  • Projects participating in the startup schedule must be from businesses registered for no more than 5 years by the submission deadline.

3. Media

  • The organizers have the right to use videos, images, and general information about the contest projects to promote the contest;
  • In case teams participating in the final round have members from two or more different schools, teams may only communicate one school name decided by the team and the school name of the team advisor (if any);
  • Before participating in the final round, teams will sign a commitment according to the media regulations mentioned above.

III. Instructions for submitting entries

● Format and form of presentation: Entries must be presented in English on A4 papers, Times New Roman font, size 13.

● Attached deliverables – Project descriptions in Powerpoint.

   – Video presentation under 03 minutes in length.

   – Sample products with photos or video clips (if any).