Kokosa Cloud Flour (KCF) is an organic diet product that is made of a novel source of fiber synthesized from microorganisms with environmentally friendly production technology. The aim is to substitute partially wheat flour, rice flour, or other types of flour to increase the dietary fiber content, and cut down the total carbohydrate content of food products that are high in calories and lack dietary fiber such as bread, cakes, pies, pastries, noodles, snacks… KCF has an ultrafine texture thanks to the nano-scale of microbial fibers; nearly 70% of KCF is fiber and no fat is contained. These superb characteristics can help to enhance nutritional values to make the applied products become healthier and can be used daily to prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The product has been completing the procedures for patent registration.

Sample products from Pantasia

One of our most successful applied products is Kokosa Cloud Castella with outstanding improvement. The product has 30% lower calorie intake and is doubly higher in dietary fiber content than traditional pastries. With the pillowy texture and savory flavor featured for baked goods, the product has been attracting the attention of many customers and received positive feedback.

Pantasia team