Sunwah Innovations is a Bronze Sponsor for Bach Khoa Innovation 2021 and also a partner of the Technology Business Incubation Center (HCMUT-TBI).

About Sunwah Innovations:

A member of the Sunwah Corporation (Hong Kong), Sunwah Innovations is in charge of managing Sunwah Innovation Centers in countries and regions where the Corporation is doing business. Sunwah’s activities stretches from Mainland China and Macao to other countries and regions like Japan, South East Asia, while also reaching North America, Europe, and Australia.

In December 2020, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its operation in Vietnam, Sunwah officially opened the Ho Chi Minh City Sunwah Innovation Center and launched the Sunwah International Innovation Network, including top universities, companies, and entrepreneurship units with the aim of promoting each side’s intelligence and resources on the way to a new, innovative economy.

The center not only brings a workspace with impressive design, interesting activities, but also a place to nurture creative ideas, nurture the startup spirit of the younger generation, promote the conformity and international exchange between ecosystems to support both Vietnamese and the region’s entrepreneurship activities.

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