Orders from businesses are now updated by Bach Khoa Innovation 2021 to teams still struggling with finding ideas.

Business Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in business processes of an organization, with the sole aim of increasing operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and creating a competitive edge in the market.

Biological embarkment wall

In recent years, natural disasters are becoming more and more complicated, especially riverbank and canal erosion happening fiercely. Such events have major impact on production and people’s lives. A green, innovative, and sustainable solution derived from the enterprise’s proposal in biological embankment walls is a promising and practical fight against landslides and soil erosion.

IoT monitoring system for embankment walls

The world is moving to automation and intellence with the aid of AI, wireless monitoring and control, and big data. By applying IoT into monitoring the biological embankment walls, not only does it create comvenience in collecting, controlling, and processing real-time data, but it also increases the human-machine interaction (HMI). From recorded events and data, the prediction and calculations of potential events with big data help is a crucial application.

Daily life applied science

Applied science in agriculture, health care, and production is a good approach to assisting the people and solve various society problems.

We wish the teams a great start to the competition. We hope the brief descriptions we gave you can serve as your inspiration for your own journey ahead.